Parabolan is a strong androgenic anabolic steroid with no estrogenic side effects. The form of the drug is similar in pharmacological properties to Trenbolone Enanthate. It has a long-term effect – up to one and a half weeks.

Parabolan is produced by the most popular Indian manufacturers such as Alpha PharmaEminence Labs and Maxtreme Pharma. The active ingredient of the drug is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate.

Possible Side Effects of Parabolan

Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate is not able to convert to estrogens, which excludes this type of activity. However, the drug molecule is similar to progesterone receptors and during Parabolan cycle it is necessary to use Cabergoline. Progestins have the ability to activate the processes of accumulation of fatty tissues in the chest area, which can lead to the development of gynecomastia.

This you should always remember, because the lack of estrogen activity in the presence of progestin is not a guarantee of the absence of signs of this disease. Moreover, if you combine Parabolan with steroids possessing estrogenic activity, the risk of manifestation of gynecomastia increase. To avoid this in such a situation, it is necessary to use cabergoline in addition to antiestrogens.

This steroid has not only a powerful anabolic effect on the body, but also androgenic. Since the drug is not able to interact with 5alfa reductase, the androgenic properties of the drug can not be eliminated with Finasteride.

side effects of parabolan

How To Prevent Side Effects of Parabolan?

The fall in the efficiency of erectile function on Parabolan cycle is extremely rare, because at this time the concentration of androgens is very high. However, this side effect may occur after the end of the cycle, when the hormonal system is in an unbalanced state. To eliminate these side effects, you should already on the second weeks introduce in his composition HCG. It is also important to use Clomiphene Citrate during Post Cycle Therapy.

Another possible side effect when using Parabolan is the so-called “trenbolone cough”. The fact that the use of Trenbolone in some athletes there is such a side effect as cough. The most interesting thing is that this side effect occurs not at all. According to experts, it’s all about high dosages of the drug.

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