Steroid Cycles: What You Need To Know

A steroid cycle is a set of routines that can be followed by people who are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or both. These cycles are designed to mimic the hormonal and physical changes that occur during a natural cycle. This means that these cycles are also designed to help men who have issues with their hormones (such as testosterone levels) gain muscle or lose fat.

Steroids are compounds produced by the body. The most popular type of steroid is testosterone. The human body produces testosterone naturally. The main difference between anabolic steroids and testosterone is that anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone that regulates the production of other hormones in the body. It is important for muscle growth and maintenance. However, anabolic steroids are taken orally or by injection. They increase the level of testosterone in the body. If you continue to read this article, you can find out where to purchase safe and effective versions of steroids with discounts and guaranteed deliveries to Australia.

The Two Main Types of Steroid Cycles

Steroid cycles usually consist of two parts. The first part is called the cutting cycle. This part is designed to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. The second part is called the bulking cycle. This part is designed to add size and strength to muscles. These cycles can be done individually. However, it is better to do them together to build up the body in sync. When you begin a cycle, you will notice a rapid change in your body. You will feel stronger, healthier, and more energetic. You will also lose weight quickly depending on which type of cycle you are using.

Cutting Cycle

A cutting cycle is a set of routines that are designed to help people lose fat and build muscle at the same time. A cutting cycle is similar to the way that women lose fat. However, there are some differences between the two.

Men will lose fat faster than women. This is because they have a higher percentage of testosterone in their body. This means that their bodies are better able to use fat as a source of energy.

When a man starts a cutting cycle, he will usually take anabolic steroids. This will allow him to get leaner. He will also start the cycle by taking a diet that is low in calories. He will then slowly add foods back into his diet. This is called the reintroduction phase. This is so that his body will not become used to a specific food or nutrient.

The cutting cycle usually lasts for six to twelve weeks. During this time, you will notice a significant decrease in your body fat percentage. This is because your body will be using your stored fat as energy. However, you will also notice a dramatic increase in your strength. This is because you will be losing fat while building muscle at the same time.

When the cutting cycle is over, you will notice that your muscles will have grown. This is because you have been taking anabolic steroids and cycled correctly. Using substances for females include the Anavar 10mg from Dragon Pharma, as 5-10mg daily is perfectly suited for the female anatomy. While for men, they might benefit more from Rexobol from Alpha Pharma which is a harder cutting oral. 

Bulking Cycle

A bulking cycle is a long-term plan that is designed to add size and strength to muscles. These cycles usually last between eight to fourteen weeks. A bulking cycle sometimes includes a bulk and then a cutting or “drying” phase. The bulking phase is the time when the body adds muscle mass and strength to the muscles. The cutting phase is the time when the body burns fat and reduces excess water from the body.

A bulking cycle can be used for a variety of reasons. For example, people who have lost a lot of weight may want to build muscle to help them gain some of their weight back. A perfect example for beginners would be Testobolin from Alpha Pharma run between 250-500mg per week. Or if orals are preferred, using Dianabol 20 from Dragon Pharma can be used at 40mg daily for 6 weeks.

Cutting Vs. Bulking

The main difference between a bulking cycle and a cutting cycle is that the bulking cycles typically last longer. This allows the body to add more muscle mass than in a cutting cycle. If you are trying to gain weight, then a bulking cycle is the best choice. A bulking cycle will burn fat while adding muscle size and strength.

How Long Does A Steroid Cycle Last?

This depends on several factors. First, there is no set length for a steroid cycle. Some people can stay on steroids for a few weeks, while others can stay on them for months. Second, the length of a cycle varies depending on how much weight you want to lose or gain. For beginners, oral cycles are between 4-6 weeks, while injectable cycles can be done for 6-10 weeks. For more intermediate and experienced users, this can be increased up to 14-16 weeks using substances such as Dragon Pharma’s Enanthat 400 and Deca 300.

Recovery Phases After a Steroid Cycle

A steroid cycle is followed by a recovery phase designed to allow the user to recover from the effects of the cycle, as well as slowly wean them off of the effects from the steroids.

Recovery Phase

In this phase, the body should be induced to recover from the effects of the cycle, typically with the help of a Post Cycle Therapy program, which helps the body recover from the effects of the steroid cycle. Waiting until the last piece of active substance has left the blood stream is vital, after this your PCT can be started which is typically used with Altampofen and Promifen from Alpha Pharma to stimulate your LH and FSh levels, which in turn will restart the production of your body’s own Testosterone production.

Steroid Stacking

Steroid stacking refers to using different types of steroids in a cycle. This allows you to get more out of your steroids than you would if you used only one type of steroid.

For instance, if your first cycle was using the Testobolin from Alpha Pharma at 250mg per week for 8 weeks. Once you have completed your PCT cycle and had a break from any Anabolic use, your next cycle may be a “stack”. For instance, now you will run Testobolin at 500mg per week (or still 250mg, depending on your tolerances) and add in Dianabol 20 from Dragon Pharma for the initial 4 weeks, as this will give you instant strength and muscle gain while the Testobolin kicks in. Again, if this is tolerated well. Your next “stack” may be Testorapid from Alpha Pharma with some Rexobol for a cutting cycle. Building the right steroid stack for your body type and desired outcome is crucial to reach your goals.

Long Cycle Vs Short Cycle

The length of a cycle is determined by two things. The first is how much weight you want to lose or gain. The second is the type of steroid that you are using. But mainly from experience and tolerance levels to the drugs.

A long cycle allows for more weight loss or gain, but it also lasts longer. This means that the body will take more time to recover from the effects of steroids. It also means that the user will have to use more PCT or recovery substances to recover, than if they were using a shorter cycle. For harder recovery periods often hCG (Gona-Max) from Maxtreme Pharma is used to help and recover the suppressed hormones faster.


A steroid cycle can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. A cycle may also include a cut phase and a bulking phase. When you are looking to lose weight, you will probably want to choose a cutting cycle. If you are looking to add size and strength to your muscles, you will want to choose a bulking cycle.

For most men, they will usually start their steroid cycle with either Testosterone Enanthate (Testobolin) and Deca-Durabolin (N-Lone-D 100). These are two anabolic steroids that are commonly used together for the ultimate muscle growth for beginner bulking cycles.

Stacking can be dangerous because it is easy for the body to become tolerant to the drugs. This means that the body will not respond as well to the drug when it is taken again. Stacking can also cause liver damage if the person is not careful with oral use or their dosages and durations of use.

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