Safe Injection of Steroids: How to Do It Correctly?

There are many locations to inject different kinds of steroids in the body, but some people have a different opinion. Some say that injecting into muscle tissue is the best way because it will help you bulk up quickly and safely. Others argue that injecting under the skin can be more effective for rapid weight loss and lean muscle mass increase. Which do you think is better? Read on to find out! 

What is Steroid Injection?

Before we tell you where to inject steroids, it’s important for you to understand the basics. To put it simply, injecting any substance into your body is called an injection. This can mean anything from insulin shots for diabetics to taking estrogen pills, which are referred to as oral because they are taken by mouth.

Steroid injections are used in order to have quick access to testosterone or other similar drugs in the body so that they can be absorbed gradually over time. This has a number of benefits including controlling hormone levels and making sure you don’t develop symptoms associated with having too much or too little of these hormones in your system.

Where to Inject Steroids?

When it comes to steroid injections, there are two main types: intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (Sub-Q). The latter is usually used for insulin injections or for peptide growth hormones such as Soma-Max from Maxtreme Pharma.

Intramuscular injections are injected into the muscle tissue, while subcutaneous injections go directly under the skin and above the muscle. The effects of intramuscular injections last longer, but they also take longer to kick in. With Sub-Q injections you’ll get steroids straight into your bloodstream and see noticeable results sooner rather than later, but this is again down to the faster released substance that is injected. If you’re going to inject Sub-Q, make sure that you do so properly and only use small amounts (1ml or under) which the body can handle.

IM vs Sub-Q: Which is Better?

If you’re going to inject steroids, then you should do so in a safe and effective manner. There are benefits and risks associated with both intramuscular and Subcutaneous steroid injections and you need to consider these before deciding on the type that suits your needs best. But certainly here, IM is used for Anabolic injections and Sub-Q is used for peptides or other hormones. Although anabolics can be absorbed via Sub-Q injections, this is not advised as the dosages needed and the release times they take, are much better suited to bigger muscles than smaller fatty tissues. 

Which Injection Method is Best?

Injecting steroids can be an effective way to achieve your fitness goals because it allows you to benefit from steroid drugs without having to suffer their side effects. However, if you’re going to inject steroids then you need to take precautions before deciding how and where you’ll do so. If you ask us: we’d recommend intramuscular injections over Sub-Q injections all day long. But the only reason some people use Sub-Q injections is if they are needing very small doses (0.1-0.4ml) of a solution to adjust their hormone levels. Other than this, no steroid user should be using anything other than IM injections!

How to Inject Steroids Safely

If you’re going to inject steroids, then be sure to do so in a safe and effective manner. Here are some tips for doing so:

  1. Always use a new needle and syringe when injecting steroids – never share needles or syringes with others.
  2. Make sure that your hands, workspace, and injection site are clean before beginning.
  3. Inject the steroid into the muscle tissue.
  4. Rotate your injection sites to avoid overuse and damage to certain areas of the body if you are injecting regularly.
  5. Follow all instructions that come with your steroid injections carefully.
  6. If you experience any pain, swelling or other unusual symptoms after an injection, seek medical advice immediately or start to take your Azithromycin straight away to help and prevent the infection turning septic.
  7. Never inject steroids into joints or the lower back, as this can cause serious problems. Use the Glute muscles, Deltoids or Thighs.

Worried about injections?

Don’t be! If you’re considering the use of anabolic steroids, then ask your experienced user or provider to explain the benefits and risks associated with each type of injection so that you can make an informed decision regarding which one is right for you. Also, keep in mind that there are other methods of steroid administration such as oral ingestion (pills) like Andriol Testocaps from Healing Pharma or topical application (gels or creams), such as Cernos Gel from Sun Pharma, so if you don’t like needles than this may be a better option for you. You can find these within our Oral and Gel categories.

Regardless of what route of administration is best suited to your needs, injectable steroids are often the most effective way to achieve results – just be sure that you do it properly by following an accurate guide on how to inject anabolic steroids and exactly where to inject!

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