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Packaging Size
100 tablets a box
Muscle Building
Age Group
20 yrs-35 yrs, 36 yrs- 50 yrs
Packaging Type
Bottle and Strips

Do you struggle with low testosterone levels, building a lot of lean muscle, or reducing fat If so, Anavar is the supplement you should buy! Anavar”s primary advantages may be boiled down to this: it causes the body to retain more nitrogen, which promotes enhanced muscle growth and more testosterone circulation. More muscular growth results from these elevated free testosterone levels, and so forth. Additionally, glucocorticoid hormones are inhibited by this process, which means catabolic chemicals like cortisol are under control. Lean muscle can expand unrestrictedly and fat accumulation is stopped when these hormones are under control.
The potent compound of Anavar starts with 4-Androstenolone (4-Andro). 4-Andro is a safe and reliable ingredient in Anavar”s recipe because it boosts testosterone without causing any negative side effects. Additionally, the androgen to oestrogen ratio is improved and controlled by the presence of 1-androsterone (1-Andro) in anavar. Epiandrosterone (Epindro), a key ingredient in Anavar”s composition, helps increase muscular density and strength development.
You get a range of benefits for strength, muscle growth, and fat loss when all of these elements and more combine. This is the reason why so many individuals select Anavar as their preferred anabolic supplement, and you won”t regret giving it a shot either!

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