A number of subscribers complain of struggling with appetite. We all know that if we cannot eat sufficient macro and micronutrients, we cannot gain an ounce of muscle no matter how many drugs we take. This issue is underrated. This issue is one in the “I eat heaps but can’t gain any weight” camp. This issue is a widespread one. This issue is often the main culprit when I manage to solve a client’s issues with muscle acquisition. Let’s begin with discussing why fat people are fat.

Fat people have the opposite problem. They cannot seem to lose weight no matter how hard they “try” and have a healthy appetite. They often claim to “not eat that much” either. That’s the thing. Maybe they don’t eat that much food? Maybe, they eat calorically dense, hyper-palatable food that is easy to digest and not that satiating. In other words, maybe fat people eat very tasty food that is high in calories, that is also not that filling; rather than eating large volumes of food. If you’re struggling to gain weight beyond a certain threshold, you need to start thinking like a fat person and not a dieting bodybuilder. Let’s take a look at what this could mean for you.

– Reduce fibre. Fibre is satiating because of its high volume and negative calorie balance. You’re essentially eating a bunch of 0 calorie rocks with your food that are going to reduce your appetite for the next meal. This is a great thing for those dieting, but not such a great thing for someone who struggles with appetite. If you’re worried about health and digestion regarding fibre, then you may have been fooled. Have a look at the weight of the evidence regarding the “necessity” of fibre for health and you just might be shocked with what you find. Besides, I’m not saying you have to bring fibre to absolute 0, just reduce it. Fat people don’t care about fibre. They care about what will bring them a few minutes of mouth pleasure.

– Start eating calorically dense, hyper-palatable foods that digest easy. Take note of your digestion. If something is “going down easy” then it’s a good sign. Cut out any foods that you notice cause you to feel full quickly or bloated. What you’ve probably noticed is that this includes a lot of “healthy” foods. Are you trying to be the epitome of health or are you trying to get jacked? Don’t come to big boy town if you can’t bring yourself to stomach some high GI carbs my friend. I mean, fat people would? Think fat.

– Reduce protein intake to the bare minimum. This may sound counterproductive, but to ingest protein beyond minimum requirements is going to further reduce your appetite and have little to any added benefits for muscle growth. As you will find out, excess protein is an inhibitor of gaining muscle through its appetite suppressing effects. There’s no debate here. Protein consumption reduces appetite and like fibre has a very high thermic effect. This means that to simply digest protein is burning calories. 2-3 grams per kilo per day spread over 3-5 meals is likely enough for most athletes. Fat people aren’t trying to consciously increase protein. Think fat.

– Use insulin. 1-2 iu of rapid insulin before meals or 10-20 iu of lantus first thing in the morning is sure to drive appetite through lowering blood glucose. Fat people are not as insulin sensitive as athletes, so they’re often suffering from low blood glucose. What does low blood glucose cause? You guessed it. Low blood glucose will stimulate the need to eat. PS, Don’t fear these doses of insulin. They will not kill you. You don’t have to use insulin, but if you’re using drugs and you’re not taking advantage of this cheap, relatively safe and highly effective hormone, then you need a wake up call. This goes for anyone from beginners to pros. This myths and misconceptions about low dose insulin need to be put to bed. And yes, you can take advantage of using both rapid acting insulin and long acting insulin simultaneously with the same doses described above.

– Use MK-677. MK-677 is a non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor. Ghrelin stimulates appetite. It’s simple. 5-10 mg as needed is safe enough and effective as hell. Team that up with insulin and you’ve got yourself a sweaty, appetite driven monster! At the genetic level, fat people tend to produce more of this ghrelin thing. You know what else stimulates ghrelin? The acute use of marijuana. A little Mary Jane a couple times a week is unlikely to hurt. Fat people love weed.

– Check your liver. One thing fat people tend to possess is healthy pancreatic and hepatic health; at least prior to them destroying it before they get sick and die. A robust pancreas and liver ensures your body is able to process what you put in. When this suffers, so will your appetite. If you look at medical journals, those with issues in these places will often suffer severe issues with appetite. Are you taking something that is causing a little too much toxicity? You might be. Make sure you’re healthy first.

– Reduce FODMAPS in your diet. Do you suffer from bloating or unusual fullness after meals? FODMAPS is an acronym for foods contained within this category. Google it. You’ll be surprised at how many perceived “healthy” foods could be causing you excessive gas, bloating and appetite suppression. Poor digestion almost directly correlates with poor appetite and poor health. Fat people tend to have robust digestive systems capable of eating anything. When you think about it, it’s kind of a commendable, physical achievement getting super fat? Reduce FODMAPS and see if that helps free up some space.

– Go vertical. Following on from the previous point about FODMAPS, is there a way to simplify nutrition in a way that maximises nutrient density and minimises issues with digestion and appetite? I think there is. Google “Stan Efferdings Vertical Diet.” In a nutshell, a diet that consists of a heap of red meat and white rice, consumed over and over to maximise nutrient density and calories without causing issues with digestion and appetite. You might be surprised at just how healthy this way of eating can be too. You’ll need to exhibit an open mind and be prepared to forget everything you have been taught about healthy eating in order to adopt this way of eating. For those nuanced enough, they know the power of a simplified dietary strategy for mass and performance.

I’m not going to add obvious psychological points such as “get rid of a toxic ex” or “take care of your mental health.” My readers should all know this and that information is nothing new. If you guys want to reach true big boy status it is going to take the right mindset. Stress reduces appetite. These pharmaceutical and nutritional tips should help lead the way, but you have to be a balanced individual to reach the heights of mass and performance most will never reach.

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