In the United States, this idea is one that is commonly used among many nuanced bodybuilders. Let’s begin with a definition of what Lantus is and what it does in the body. Lantus is a long acting form of exogenous insulin that takes about an hour to work after subcutaneous administration and will last for approximately 24-36 hours. Unlike other shorter acting versions of insulin, Lantus provides an almost peak-less pharmacokinetic profile which in turn creates a greater safety profile of the drug. The greater and faster the peak of an insulin, the greater the danger if insufficient glucose (mostly via carbohydrates) is supplied. Aside from Lantus’ favourable safety profile, the application advantage for bodybuilders is that the drug will provide a 24/7 elevation in insulin which will provide 24/7 resulting benefits such as:

– Increasing Insulin-like growth factor binding proteins (IGFBPs). IGFBP’s are a group of secreted proteins which serve as transport proteins for insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) with high affinity, regulating the bioavailability and function of IGFs. What this means is that any resulting IGF-1 (from the use of HGH or other IGF-1 promotion drugs) can be better utilised.

– Increasing hyper-glycogen storage to increase recovery and training endurance. Better recovery = better training = better stimulus = better growth.

– Accentuating the ability of other PEDs to increase muscle mass in real time. A synergistic effect, rather than an additional effect. Imagine 3 x 3 = 9 instead of 3 + 3 = 6.

As advantageous as being hyper-insulinemic all day long can be for muscle growth, we probably don’t want to stay there all the time because our health will likely suffer eventually. However, the use of Lantus at relatively high doses for a very short period of time (1-2 times per week) can provide enormous benefits over a 24 hour period for a lagging body part without suffering the health detriments long term use might cause. An example of this protocol may be anywhere from 25-100 iu of Lantus once in the morning, 1-2 x per week either the day of or the day after training the lagging body part. These doses may sound absurd, but Lantus does not work the same as rapid acting insulin and you will have plenty of warning time before any dangers arise. In fact, it would be very difficult to land yourself in any serious danger with the acute dosing of Lantus, even if you remained fasted. I do not recommend you experiment with that; although many have successfully and I will touch on a carb-less Lantus protocol another time that works great for fat loss and muscle retention.

Whether you choose 25 or 100 iu of Lantus on this day will depend on the carbohydrates you are willing to eat on that day. Stay on the low end if you’re a smaller guy and intuitively work your way to higher numbers over time as needed. There’s no magic number for how many carbohydrates one should consume on these days either. If you’re a serious angler, then you recognise the importance of carbohydrates while growing and so you will likely consume enough based on appetite. There’s no benefit of ingesting anymore dietary fat and protein than one requires, so fill the rest with carbohydrates. A 10/50/40 f/c/p split is going to work for the vast majority. If you’re in the keto camp, you’re probably not that big. This protocol is not for you. This protocol is for serious anglers only who are ready to take their physique to the next level and who understand and practice the fundamentals of muscle acquisition on a daily basis. If you got small calves, arms or any body part that’s just not up to par, then try this Lantus protocol and let me know how you go.

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