Beginner’s First Steroid Cycle

You will come across some differing viewpoints on the ideal approach to begin your first steroid cycle, so be prepared to be a little confused. Like most things with steroids, the answer will be dependent on the person’s genetics, body type and goals. Even yet, there are still two basic ways that are advised, and the fact that it comes down to two broad options that can help you to stop procrastinating and truly begin implementing a cycle plan. If you read until the end, you will also find out here to purchase genuine, safe and effective beginner friendly steroids with discounts, easy payments options and guaranteed deliveries to Australia.

Introduction to Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids

When you hear the term “steroid,” if you are like most people, you probably think of strong, muscle-building anabolic steroids like testosterone. A steroid, on the other hand, is just an organic substance that comprises all various sorts of hormones, including one of the most well-known vitamins (Vitamin D), and even one of the most well-known hormones (oestradiol) and testosterone.

When it comes to bodybuilding and sports performance, anabolic-androgenic steroids (also known as anabolic steroids) are the most often used steroids (AAS). These androgens, which are generated from or based on testosterone, include both natural and manufactured androgens, such as testosterone.

The anabolic component of testosterone is concerned with the stimulation of muscular growth, while the androgenic component is concerned with the stimulation of the development of masculine characteristics, which testosterone is responsible for.

The very first steroid cycle (Testosterone)

There is a school of thinking that says you should go all out in your first cycle since you know the gains will be incredible. In order to do this, it is necessary to take quite large levels of testosterone, beginning at 500mg per week and possibly up to 1000mg per week, while also including additional chemicals such as orally administered testosterone. However, this strategy entails a significant risk for first-time users, particularly in terms of adverse consequences. So this is NOT advised.

Because you have never taken steroids before, you run a great danger of things not going as planned if you go in strong with large dosages right away. Unless you have complete confidence in your ability to handle side effects and understand what you are getting yourself into, a hard-core first cycle is not likely to be one that you will confidently choose to go on with.

Using testosterone at medium levels of around 250-500mg per week throughout these first cycles is a second alternative that is decidedly milder than the previous one. In this initial cycle, there is no need to include any more compounds; instead, you will be analysing precisely what testosterone can accomplish for you without the interference of other drugs and this will also allow you to access your tolerance levels to this excessive amount of the hormone. The most commonly used for beginners is Testobolin from Alpha Pharma Healthcare.

Then, in subsequent cycles, you may add another compound to continue to build on your benefits. While this is the more cautious route to choose for a rookie, it is also the one that carries far less hazards overall. Furthermore, since it is just the first cycle, it may be considered an introduction; you will have a plethora of opportunities in the future to experiment with additional chemicals in more complicated cycles.

Which of these will result in more gains? It is tempting to believe that a higher dose cycle would result in more results, but if you are dealing with major side effects, your gains will suffer regardless. When using a testosterone-only cycle at modest levels, even the most inexperienced user will show significant improvements in muscle mass.

The following is a cycle that you may use straight-up or as a starting point for creating your own customised cycle:

Weeks 1-10: 250-500mg per week Test Enanthate (Testobolin), and this is taken twice weekly for the best performance.

The dose of Arimidex is 0.25mg every other day (this is started at week 4 to keep the oestrogen levels down while cycling). This is used if a user is sensitive to oestrogen. If not, Altamofen (Nolnadex) is used instead.

Compounds that are optional:

Weeks 1-4: 20 milligrams per day of Dianabol 20 from Dragon Pharma is a synthetic anabolic oral steroid and used as a “kickstart” to the cycle, which will enable the user to gain strength and muscle mass almost instantly while the longer acting Testosterone (Testoboln) kicks in.

Weeks 1-8: 150-300mg per week of Deca-Durabolin (N-Lone-D 100 from Maxtreme Pharma) can be used to increase the muscle mass and size of a user. Some water will be held on the cycle with Deca, but if Arimidex is used, this will help to keep the excess water retention down.

Weeks 1-8: 150-300mg per week Trenbolone Enanthate (Trenbolin from Alpha Pharma) is a synthetic anabolic steroid used to enhance strength and lean muscle gain. This is an alternative option to Deca.

Weeks 6-12 – 50mg per day for six weeks of Proviron can be used to keep the spermatogenesis more active. This can also be continued into your PCT.

Weeks 4-10: 10-20mg every other day can be used to keep high oestrogen levels from causing issues and binding to the breast tissue sites. Nolvadex is used to prevent gynaecological problems (itchy/tender nipples). If gyno has already occurred, Arimidex will be needed to reverse this issue.

Within your ten-week cycle, if progestin type steroids are used such as Deca or Trenbolone, using the anti-progestin drug Cabergoline (Caberlin) at 0.5mg every 4th day can be used to prevent this issue and help to reverse any negative effects that have been caused from the high progestin issues.

Weeks 4-10: 250iu every fourth day of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin – Gona-Max from Maxtreme Pharma) can be used to prevent any natural shutdowns of your natural Testosterone production. But this is usually adopted in heavier estrogenic cycles.

Which Anabolic Steroid Compounds Should I Use for My First Cycle?

Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the testicles and in the synthetic versions it is attached to esters which slow down the release time of this hormone.

In addition to Enanthate and Cypionate, testosterone esters such as Propionate and Undecanoate are also available. You do not need a chemistry degree to figure out which of these is the best choice for you, but understanding the distinctions between them might be beneficial in your decision.

Testosterone Enanthate (Testobolin) is a widely used anabolic steroid that is available under a plethora of brand names. It is used to treat low testosterone levels, and it has all of the benefits you would anticipate from a testosterone booster, including increased muscle and strength increases, as well as the enhancement of male sex traits. Its usage by athletes is primarily motivated by its capacity to increase muscular development while also aiding in fat burning and speeding up recovery. The gradual release of Testosterone Propionate combined with its short half-life makes it an excellent choice for shorter cycles.

The difference between Cypionate and Enanthate is minimal, with the most apparent distinction being that Testosterone Cypionate has a longer half-life than Testosterone Enanthate. Because both Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate have such comparable qualities, they are sometimes used interchangeably. All of these testosterone compounds are administered by injection.

If you are planning on utilising additional steroids in your cycle that has the potential to lower testosterone levels, a testosterone-only cycle will help you maintain your testosterone levels stable. This chemical increases the formation of red blood cells while also causing significant increases in muscular growth and endurance.

It is the purpose of taking Test Enanthate to maintain your testosterone levels at the maximum possible level during your cycle. As a novice, you should aim for dosages of 250mg weekly up to 500mg each week. This is done for 8-10 weeks to see how the body tolerates the extra hormone and also how it recovers from it within your recovery phase (PCT).


Individuals who know precisely what they want to accomplish and when they want to do it, as well as those who want to remain steroid-free when it comes time to be tested, employ cycling to reach their goals.

Cycling is basically an on-off method, and one of the primary reasons it is used is to prevent the declining effects of steroids after they have been used continuously for around two months, at which point muscle building might begin to decline. Cycling necessitates a strategy since you will be determining how long you will be taking the steroid for and how long you will be taking a break between sessions when you stop using it.

A cycle may last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, and it is followed by a period of time during which the steroid is not used at all, or is used at a lesser dose than before. The duration of your cycle will be determined by your previous experience with steroids, the kind of steroid you are using, and the objectives you are attempting to attain.

Choosing between injectables or oral steroids

Some steroids are solely accessible in injectable form, but others are also available in oral forms only. Only a few, such as Winstrol and Testosterone, can be administered intramuscularly or taken orally.

Given that you are new to taking steroids, it is understandable that beginning with injections would feel frightening. You could even decide to forego injections completely and solely use oral steroids instead. However, you will only be able to use a limited amount of anabolic drugs, such as Anavar and Dianabol. For starters Orals may be best suited and more comfortable to use, but if you wish to continue with steroid use, using injectable is much safer as they do not have to pass through the liver and promote toxic effects.

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